Expand Hydrogen Production with Tek-Cor 1100A Coriolis Flow Meter

Hydrogen is highly flammable fluid, has a low ignition energy and low molecular weight/operating density. This makes it a difficult gas to measure using existing volumetric meters such as differential pressure, vortex, or even a thermal mass flowmeter which are known to experience drift in measurement over time. This is where the Tek-Cor 1100 Coriolis flow meter stands out as a direct mass measurement meter Independent of changes in pressure and temperature, has a wide turndown, easy to install as requires no upstream or downstream straight run. They have no moving parts and easy to maintain.

Other features of the Tek-Cor 1100A:​

High Phase Shift Frequency: The TEK-COR 1100A measures the phase shift between flow tube oscillations which is a crucial parameter in the Coriolis flow meter’s operation. Higher frequency indicates improved sensitivity and precision ​

Short Response Time: The instrument is equipped with a remarkably short response time, ensuring real-time and accurate data capture in dynamic processes. ​

No Moving Parts: With a design devoid of moving parts, the Tek-Cor 1100A minimizes the risk of wear and tear, enhancing its longevity and reliability. ​

Full Sensor Diagnostics: The inclusion of full sensor diagnostics provides users with comprehensive insights into the instrument’s performance, enabling proactive maintenance and troubleshooting. ​

Multi-Parameter Measurements: The Tek-Cor 1100A excels in versatility, as it can measure mass flow, density, temperature, and volume flow with high precision. This multifunctionality makes it a versatile solution for diverse industrial applications. ​

OLED Display: The two-line OLED display offers clear and intuitive visibility, facilitating easy monitoring and interpretation of critical data. ​

Versatile Connections: The instrument supports multiple flange options (ranging from 150# to 900#) and various process connections, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of setups. ​