Free Digital Marketing Internship

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FREE DIGITAL MARKETING isTamilnadu’s leading professional training company, focusing on teaching individuals and organizations new-age skills. At Skill Up Tamil, we offer well-established courses that will help to achieve your dream career. We work with the best trainers and professional experts for courses like Digital Marketing, React Native, and Python. To offer the highest quality of training and best career opportunities we are committed to delivering high-performance Coding challenge-based training through eLearning platforms.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing has many different aspects like copy, design, technology, social media, marketing, finance, and business development. There will be many jobs available in these sub- sectors, and students can make strong long-lasting careers

Python programming language, to be the most promising career in technologies, industry. Opportunities in the career of python are increasing tremendously in the world.

React Native
React Native is a JavaScript-based mobile application framework, designed to create mobile applications for iOS and Android by providing coders a tool to use React along with the native mobile platform.Python is often used to develop the back end of a website or application-the parts that a user doesn’t see. Python’s role in web development can include sending data to and from servers, processing data and communicating with databases, URL routing, and ensuring security. Python offers several frameworks for web development. Commonly used ones include Django and Flask.

Python can build a wide range of different data visualizations, like line and bar graphs, pie charts, histograms, and 3D plots. Python also has a number of libraries that enable coders to write programs for data analysis and machine learning more quickly and efficiently, like TensorFlow and Keras.

Since the mobile apps developed using React Native are cross-platform compatible, you can develop one app and target a larger audience. A single mobile app developed using React Native can work independently on both Android and iOS platforms. Hence, you can develop React Native iOS and React Native Android apps that are platform-independent.

Google also released an open-source framework called Flutter which aided developers in building cross-platform compatible mobile apps. With Flutter, it is easy to work with a new feature set while putting a fast refresh feature of it to good use. You can instantly see

Looking at the benefits of React Native, it is not hard to guess why it is widely preferred for mobile app development. Similar to React Native launched by Facebook, there are various other mobile app development frameworks provided by various companies. The same tools also offer cross-platform compatibility. Following are the frameworks under consideration:

As React Native supports cross-platform development, one codebase can work to develop apps for Android and iOS platforms. To develop a native mobile app, you need to write different codes for changing platforms. This requirement is eliminated by using React Native app development. Thus, a React Native Android App doesn’t need to be reframed to develop a React Native IOS app.

This makes sure that through one app development, you can target both platforms, hence a wider section of the audience.